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The birth data are absolutely necessary for the calculation of the partner horoscope and should be as correct as possible. The most important thing about the data, apart from your date of birth, without which it makes no sense, is the exact time of your birth. The time of birth has been recorded for many years for births in a lot of countries and can be inquired at the registry office or hopefully in your family. You will probably have to apply for a birth certificate. Of course, it is better if you already know your time of birth. You could also simply ask your mother or perhaps your father, they could also know, but usually the information is not very accurate then.


If you register, you can unlock your account for estimates. Estimates could also be called extrapolations. Here it is assumed that the birth time and place of one person is known, but the birth time of the other person is unknown. If you are unlocked, as many horoscopes as are necessary to calculate all constellations for the specified period, for example two hours or 24 hours, are calculated at the push of a button.Then 3 horoscopes are displayed. The one with the lowest total value, the one with the highest total value and the one with an average total value. You will then at least have an idea of the range in which the horoscopes move. Estimates can be calculated as often as you want with different times for any number of partners.

It is helpful if you know whether the birth time was earlier in the morning or very late at night. This restriction brings the results much closer to the actual horoscope. Ultimately, your feeling and a particularly high or low rating can help you find the horoscope. Usually a horoscope can be excluded from the three displayed horoscopes, because this particularly high or low rating can be classified as unlikely.

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